“I am an eclectic & upbeat human being who loves creating meaningful lovable products”

Devoted, enthusiastic, open-minded and honest person who loves to work on interesting projects and with talented people.

Product Owner and Manager with a focus on UX Design. Strong start-up skills. Currently a Product Lead at a data driven start-up. Previously leading product development and marketing teams at LGBTQ oriented mobile dating apps. Experienced at mobile applications, software, MLP delivery, creative, NGO and entertainment industry.

I am interested in UX Design, Users, Product Development, Marketing, New Technologies, Design, Fashion, Conscious Businesses and Culture. During my free time I love reading, doing yoga, playing fantasy games, do creative things, exploring the world and spending time with animals, especially with my dog Yoda. Based in Barcelona at the moment and active as a Global Shaper. I am currently involved in a dog shelter volunteering project called Voluntarios Itinerantes.



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