Target Users

LGBTQ Women who want to date, meet new people and network.



Create a new product and implement my visions and strategies. 

Leading a development and product growth of the product




1 year


My Role

Co-Creating and product ownership of the app.

Leading marketing and product team (8 people).




Zoe is STRV's in-house project (more info at zoeapp.co & strv.com ) Zoe is a cutting-edge dating and social networking app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women around the world. We are not just another dating app.
Get to know your matches and yourself better with Zoe’s personality tests.

The tests are based on percentages. The more you have in common the higher the percentage rate. Our priority is to make an interactive app that will be different from the other dating apps on the market. Zoe is your friend. Dating is fun. Tell the community who you truly are and discover more about others!

Whether you’re looking for friends or the love of your life, you are in the right place. Find truly authentic LGBTQ women nearby and chat now!




The research part was very prompt for this product (Thanks to experience we have gained while creating and growing the previous 2 LGBTQ dating apps - Surge, Grizzly). I've started with a secondary research focused on the current market. All of the dating apps I mention helped with creating the essence of Zoe. 






The idea was to create a product that can fill the gap on the market with LGBTQ women dating apps and enables a safe space for the target group. The next part was to validate the idea and gain information about what targeted community lacks. I've done approximately 10 researches with users from the US and EU.

Personality tests sounds cool!
There are not many options among LGBTQ Women dating apps.
I don’t want to be spammed by straight guys.

Participants lacked trustworthy presentation of dating apps that would have an authentic feeling. The dating app market has a variety of products but the mobile app dating scene for LGBTQ women is mainly represented by one app that dominates the market. 




Moodboard and TONE OF VOICE



Friendliness and Joy


Be Yourself

Positive Approach

All Inclusivity



Vulgar Tone

Negative Emotions and Communication



The best conversation is the one that awakeness the soul and makes us reach for more.
You had me at hello 🖤
Same love.



User Acquisition & Monetization

  • App Store Optimisation

  • Great Customer Support

  • Adwords, Social Media Campaigns, Influencers

  • Subscription Based Model

  • Freemium

visual source: leanplum.com

visual source: leanplum.com


Final Product


I've cooperated with an amazing designer Josef Sauer and development team. This was actually my first project that I've done from the beginning to the end and was in charge of the whole process.



User & Media Response

Thanks to an amazing STRV team, we've created an amazing product. The milestone I am the most proud of is that Zoe has been featured on AppStore. Besides that we've cooperated with various famous Youtube and Instagram influencers.






As if OKCupid and Tinder had a lesbian daughter. User friendly and perfect for modern times. :)
— _by_ _Modern Gay_
This app has allowed me to find support and acceptance for who I truly am! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!
— _by_ _Annabelle McCarthy_
I love that this app exists. It makes me feel comfortable with my sexuality and is helping me get out there as a young, single, bisexual woman. I’m so tired of being hounded on regular dating apps by men desperate for a lay... so this app is very refreshing.
— _by_ _Sugarbooger777_


This was my heart project that I had an opportunity to create from the scratch. I am very grateful that I got this possibility to deliver a lovable product. Zoe also confirmed my thoughts about how it is important to create a valuable product. I was very surprised when we've found out how the LGBTQ community is excited about this mobile dating app. It is great to know that we haven't delivered just another dating app that's main focus is to monetize, we've  also enabled to create a safe space for people all around the world.



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